We are about simplifying lives. – Mobiligent Technologies

The World has entered the digital age and technology has become the most essential element to people today. Mobile phones have become one’s best friend, something that you can’t live without; something that makes one’s life much easier and connects you to the world and the future; we at Mobiligent are committed to create the best mobile applications and bridge the gap between marketers and customers.

Seeing immense potential in the digital space & mobile computing we did what's right by absolutely committing ourselves to the online space & the smart phone industry, Hence Mobiligent was born, it is the right way of putting together an expert team that can think ahead of the curve and deliver innovative solutions.

Mobiligent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a young company established in the year 2011 consisting of a team of intelligent smart and tech savvy software developers. Founded by Nimisha Udeshi & Rohan Joshi, Mobiligent aims to develop customised mobile apps.for brands, website designing, e-commerce portals. Service at your finger-tips is the mantra!